VLOG 03 Released!


After two months (huhu), I am so happy to release my Vlog #03 (5 minutes) that aims to tell you about "The 4 Considerations Before Taking a Master's Degree". All information coming from this VLOG is based on my personal experiences and may not necessarily agree with books, websites, and university guidelines.

Anyway, if you are contemplating or have been delaying your decision to take a master's degree, here are some important elements that I think you need to consider to obtain not just a graduate school diploma but to complete a master's degree from a quality program.



URL of Vlog #03: https://youtu.be/EPIAXYoWwuA


If I missed anything in this Vlog entry, please feel free to comment your insights below. I am hoping that somehow this Vlog gave the public a better understanding about how crucial it is to get a master's degree, especially in academia.

If you think that this video is interesting, educative, and informative, please LIKE, SHARE, and COMMENT. Thank you!


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JPG and PNG files were owned by me or retrieved from Google Search. The content of this Vlog does not reflect any of my present affiliations and was solely created by yours truly based on personal and professional experiences.


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